As the 2017 baseball season approaches and SunTrust Park and The Battery Atlanta open the doors to new and exciting adventures, the annual fantasy that the Braves could make it to the World Series starts anew. For local homeowners, another fantasy could very well become a reality. According to Knock, this season could be the grand-slam opportunity to get a higher return on their investments.

What fan wouldn’t want to live near the excitement of a baseball park, walk to games and be near new restaurants and shopping centers? Knock has found that after the announcement of the new stadium, homes within two miles of the new development sold for 8.5 percent more than similar homes outside of that radius, whereas they were selling at 7 percent before the announcement. Knock also found that homes within the two mile radius that sold in January 2017 were on the market for 53 days, which is still a lengthy amount of time to have a property on the market. For interested homeowners who are looking to sell their home, Knock uses data science to accurately price homes and sell them within 42 days of listing – guaranteed.

Knock is the only online home selling platform that provides homeowners a guaranteed way to sell their home at market price in six weeks for the same six percent as a traditional listing. Knock provides homeowners additional pricing assurance via a rebate offer. If the company purchases a home and sells it at a higher price within one year, it will rebate 90 percent of the difference (less carrying costs) back to the homeowner. Knock is also empowering sellers to manage their listing from any device by having the process from paperwork to showings entirely online.

If you’re in the area and ready to sell, Knock has designed the perfect program to guarantee a home-run deal. For more information, visit us at, like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter.

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