Augusta homebuilderIf one of your family members happens to be furry, it can add yet another challenge to moving day. Moving with a pet requires additional planning, as every animal demands its own amount of attention and adjustment.

Here are a few tips from Keystone Homes, a builder in Augusta, on how to make moving easier for you and your pet:

  • Try to keep your pets in the room that will be packed up last. This helps their environment to stay normal for as long as possible.
  • Allow your pets to become familiar with the sight and smells of moving boxes by bringing them into the house before you actually move.
  • It is best to ask someone to watch your pets on moving day. However, if that is not possible, keep them crated so that they feel secure in their own home.
  • Be sure to transport your animals in your personal vehicles only, not in the moving van.
  • When you’ve arrived at your new home, gradually introduce your pets to your it one room at a time instead of letting them run around and explore it on their own.
  • Make sure to have familiar items close by and put them out as soon as you arrive. These items may be their food and water bowls, their favorite toys or the litter box. If you can, try to keep them in the same room that they were in the old house, like keeping the litter box in a bathroom.
  • Don’t forget to change the address on your pet’s ID tags as soon as possible.
  • Make sure that in the hustle and bustle of moving that you don’t forget to stop and play with your pet. This will help to reassure them and make it a fun experience for everyone involved.

Have you recently moved with your pets in tow? If so, let us know what your tried-and-true tips and tricks are for making the process as smooth as possible in the comments below!

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