Greening up your real estate is a great way to get ahead of the market and make your property stand out in times of tough competition. The Equifax Finance Blog explores the best ways to green up your home for sale or comfort in the new article, ”

Green Real Estate Market Trends.”

While the older features of your home may be the glaring issue, those are not always the ones that will get you the most return on

investment.  Start with an energy audit, which costs an average of $400, to find where the real problems are in your home’s energy system. While $400 may sound like a lot, you wouldn’t do a major remodel on your home without consulting an expert, and your energy-efficiency renovation efforts may be a waste of money if the real problems aren’t addressed. The energy audit helps you find the best ways to save money.

From simply weatherizing your home with more efficient seals to replacing appliances and work surfaces like countertops with green-certified alternatives, any move toward green is a good one. Check the Equifax Finance Blog to learn more ways to save and avoid debt, from real estate to retirement and more.

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