The Atlanta Sales and Marketing Council congratulates Julie Slappey for winning a Gold OBIE as Marketing Director of the Year for her work with Peggy Slappey Properties. The OBIE awards are the premier awards in the new home construction industry.

People who successfully combine innate creativity with good business sense are very hard to find. Julie Slappey manages to use those traits to create sensational campaigns that reach to all corners of the marketing realm. Beginning her career with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Julie first worked for a prestigious architectural firm in Atlanta, where she handled marketing and graphic design, a job that laid the foundation for a future working with builders.

Julie’s plan when she started eight years ago as Marketing Director at Peggy Slappey Properties, Inc. was two-fold: she wanted to create an all-in-one source for builder marketing while simultaneously bridging the gap between builders, agents, and real estate boards. Understanding the importance of industry involvement to accomplish those lofty goals, she became a member of the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association (GAHBA), as well as the Sales and Marketing Council (SMC). She has remained an active volunteer with the SMC for nearly 10 years, serving on several committees, including the OBIE Awards and Program Committee. In 2009, she joined the Sales and Marketing Council Board, where she currently holds the position of 2014 Vice Chair. Next year, Julie is slotted to become the 2015 SMC Board Chair. She freely gives of her time and talent to create many GAHBA and SMC marketing pieces, including all the print materials for the OBIE Awards.

To further her professional relationships and stay connected with realtors and brokers, Julie also stays involved with local Realtor boards. Many hours of valuable time have been donated to keeping builders, agents and REALTORS connected and engaged. These relationships have proven invaluable for the company on numerous occasions and serve as a springboard for their builder marketing campaigns.

At any given time, Julie works with 10-20 builders from start-up businesses to those building 500+ homes a year. She can build a brand from the ground up or she can re-vamp a stale campaign to drive more sales. She designs websites, graphics, flyers, events and more. There is no need for any of the company’s builders to outsource because Julie does it all, tempered with fantastic time management and budget awareness.

Stressing the importance of keeping current with trends in marketing and technology, Julie enjoys watching the effects of good branding and marketing initiatives. Within one year of Julie’s comprehensive re-branding for Richardson Housing Group, the builder went from just 40 sales in 2013 to a projected 150 sales by year’s end. Similarly, Julie has handled the complete design of Smith Douglas’ marketing campaigns and brand for the last four years; Smith Douglas has jumped from 35 sales three years ago to a projected 500+ new construction sales this year. Additionally, Peggy Slappey Properties has won several OBIE Awards for marketing pieces designed and implemented by Julie, for websites, flyers, signage and entire marketing campaigns. Last year, she designed and launched PSP’s new responsive website, which has driven more traffic with its easily accessible information on all electronic formats.

Julie feels strongly the need to stay involved on a community level too. For her, the end of the workday is the beginning of a time to give back. She is involved with Habitat for Humanity, where she volunteered her talents to create the “Hoofin for Habitat” marketing materials. She later donated her personal time by volunteering in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, and on a more global scale, has led mission trips to Africa and Cambodia, working in orphanages and children’s schools. As a team leader, she worked within budgets, organized a workable team and accomplished big goals in a short amount of time. She also participated in a mission trip to Honduras, where she worked on large-scale building projects.

Julie understands that donating her time and talents not only helps others, but also establishes beautiful connections that pay off in the future. With a flair for creativity and true expertise in comprehensive marketing, Julie Slappey is an incredible woman and a deserving Marketing Director of the Year.

To contact Julie Slappey or for more information on Peggy Slappey Properties, visit or call 770- 271-5555.

The Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association’s OBIE Awards celebrates its 34th anniversary in 2014. The awards began in 1980 and have grown throughout the years to now feature more than 100 building, remodeling, marketing and personal achievement categories. The OBIE Awards, named after the obelisk shape of the actual award given, are the premier awards in Atlanta’s residential building industry. To see more OBIE award winners, visit

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