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    This week, YoSoyM co-founder and managing partner Gigi Pedraza, joined co-hosts Carol Morgan and Todd Schnick on Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio for the Around Atlanta edition.

    Two years ago, Peruvian native, Pedraza, helped create YoSoyM as Georgia’s first social venture dedicated to serve, celebrate and empower Latinas and their families – YoSoyM translates to “I am a woman.”

    Next month, YoSoyM will host an inaugural event celebrating the many Latino cultures across Latin America: Mi Tierra.

    Mi Tierra will consist of two, hour-and-a-half shows that will feature a mosaic of Diems and music using the best local and regional talent, both on the stage and off. The bazaar will feature local vendors selling goods and items related to Latino culture. A bilingual event, Mi Tierra is something anyone can enjoy, and is intended to bridge all types of communities and cultures.

    Everywhere will be represented, from Chile and Argentina to Mexico and the U.S. with Indian music, Caribbean dance, Mexican folklore and more.

    “Mi Tierra will have everything that you will need for you, your friends and your family to learn and enjoy Hispanic culture,” said Pedraza. “It is what we believe, the best way to begin Hispanic Heritage Month.”

    According to Pedraza, Latino culture derives from more than a dozen countries that are each celebrated during Hispanic Heritage Month, which ranges from September 15 to October 15. It serves as a celebration of the diversity of the Latino culture.

    “When the typical American hears about something that is Latino, a lot of them automatically think Mexico,” said Schnick. “And it’s so much more than that; it’s an entirely different world and I think it’s important to be sure that people understand that.”

    Pedraza also explained that within Latino culture, as many as 550 different languages are spoken. Spanish of course is the most popular, but you still have over 500 other languages that are spoken and many of them are spoken right here in Georgia.

    “Different countries and cultures will come in all different colors and shapes and sizes – and not all of us eat tacos and love salsa,” joked Pedraza. “But those differences are what add to the richness and variety within Latino culture.”

    Mi Tierra will take place at Twelve Hotels at Atlantic Station, located at 361 17th Street in Atlanta, on September 11 from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.

    Tickets may be purchased here, starting at $15 per guest. Family packages start at $35 for four tickets. Larger packages are also available for sales teams and bigger groups.

    For sponsorship, vendor or volunteer opportunities, email

    For more information about YoSoyM, visit

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