Jeremy Crawford with FMLS on Radio

State of Atlanta Housing Market with FMLS

FMLS President Jeremy Crawford joins the Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio podcast to discuss the current state of the Atlanta housing market and the company’s pioneering virtual services. Crawford joins hosts Carol Morgan and Todd Schnick for the All About Real Estate segment.

A premier Atlanta multiple listing service (MLS), FMLS has over 56,000 brokers and agents using its service. In the last year, the company experienced 15 percent in growth and is now the fourth-largest MLS in the nation, with brokers from every state as well as outside the U.S.

Crawford said, “I always love to talk about the stats and talk about the data. What we saw last year really paved the way for 2022.”

Atlanta Home Prices Increasing Rapidly

In a recent publication, Bloomberg shared that Atlanta is posting faster pricing increases than any other metro area market in the nation. Inflation, unemployment down to 2.4 percent and rent increasing by 24 percent year over date are all components that create the number one market for investors.

Homes Being Sold to Investors

Over 32 percent of homes purchased in last year’s third quarter were purchased by investors in place of homeowners. This trend drives up prices and affects home affordability. Compared to 40 other metro areas, investors continue to look at the hot Atlanta housing market.

Lack of Inventory Homes in Atlanta Market

Closing out 2021, the number one problem in the Atlanta market is the lack of inventory. Constraints on new homes, rentals, the new home construction market and a historically low supply present problems for homebuyers entering the market.

Previously, the median market time was 25 days with a three-month supply of homes available, creating a healthy, seller-centric market. Currently, there is a one-month inventory with the median market at eight days.

“We thought we were going to see a slowdown and it didn’t happen,” said Crawford. “The sales price on average is up 30 percent compared to October 2020.”

Other Home Buying Trends

With a large instant buyer market, many Atlanta investors purchase properties in order to renovate or build out portfolios. Build-to-rent is also increasing in popularity and with rent up 20 percent year-over-year, there are plenty of opportunities for investors to profit.

Another trend in today’s market is the lease-to-own model. Companies lease properties to consumers for two years, and during this time the tenants build a down payment and credit. This allows them to buy the home at the end of the two-year period. Quite a few companies are moving towards this model to allow more tenants to transition from leasing to homeownership and increase home affordability.

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  1. There is nothing lofty about Georgia’s fast driving, higher prices Atlanta real estate market trend; or the fact that investors have invaded the market and callously have set rules that only benefit them and seemly accepted by everyone; such as, they offer lower compensation fee (greed), will not pay any of buyer’s closing cost even when the transaction is build to include buyer’s cost, (greed) they want to keep all, they even refuse to make necessary repairs. So while they squeeze the consumer’s pocket for higher price demand, they also leave ALL repairs to the consumer. The whole thing hides behind “free market concept” but it’s really exploitation and greed disguising as free market enterprise on the part of these conglomerate companies, coupled with lack of control, and failure on the part of officials who should be looking out for the American Citizen and put systems in place to protect first time home buyers, and all buyers for that matter. If HUD can set rules to protect the consumer, and VA can set rules to protect the Veteran, then someone ought to have the guts to put guidelines in place and stop this frustrating ^rip off madness^ controlling the Atlanta real estate market. The consumers who are searching for months, if not years, just to be proud homeowners and provide for their families, are very discouraged with this system which have allowed investors to figure out a way to transfer the hard earned money of hard working citizens, into their endless pit coffers. For God’s sake, it’s not like wages are keeping up with these expenditures; so, put a brakes to it and end the madness; in the long run, this will end up hurt the country as a whole. Again 2005 – 2008 in new clothing.

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