Jackson EMC Partner Spotlight: Vallus Energy Consulting

Vallus Energy Consulting currently administers Jackson EMC’s groundbreaking Right Choice™ home program, one of the most effective home energy efficiency initiatives in the nation and greater Atlanta area and something Denim Marketing can appreciate.

Each Right Choice home receives a 3-year Energy Usage Warranty and a 1-year Comfort Guarantee from Vallus Energy Consulting with a rate of warranties currently at less than 1%. The Energy Usage Warranty guarantees that cooling and heating use will not exceed a predicted amount. Fur ultimate peace of mind, the Comfort Guarantee assures that each thermostat’s zone will stay within 3 degrees of its setting.

Within the Right Choice home program, Vallus offers ENERGY STAR® certifications (HERS rating) for new homes and Home Performance with ENERGY STAR audits for existing homes.

The Process:

  1. Plan Analysis – Home blueprints are sent to HESM&A for industry-leading engineers to analyze.
  2. Walk Through – After the home is roughed in (no mechanicals installed), Vallus meets with the supervisor and contractors onsite to discuss challenges for each floor plan.
  3. Pre-Insulation Inspection – After completion of the ductwork and air sealing, but before the insulation is installed, Vallus inspects the home and performs a duct blaster test to evaluate duct tightness.
  4. Final Inspection – Once the home is complete, Vallus performs its final battery of tests including an eScan airflow analysis, blower door and insulation inspection.
  5. Home Certification – Once the home passes each inspection, Vallus will certify it as a Right Choice home.
    • Warranties – Each certified Right Choice home receives a 1-year Comfort Guarantee and 3-year Energy Usage Warranty. These two warranties begin the day the homeowner moves in and completes the Warranty Request here.
    • Energy Advantage Rate – Jackson EMC offers its lowest residential billing rate to certified Right Choice homes, saving homeowners an additional overage of 5% on energy costs annually.*

The Right Choice home program is owned and developed by Jackson EMC. To learn more about Right Choice homes, visit RightChoice.JacksonEMC.com.

*Ask your Jackson EMC representative for complete warranty terms and conditions.

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