Jackson EMC Celebrates Get to Know Your Customers Day

Aptly named and observed annually on the third Thursday of each quarter in January, April, July and October, Get to Know Your Customers Day is a day to recognize patrons and get to know them better.

Jackson EMC Celebrates Get to Know Your Customers DayKnowing your customers is an integral part of successful business and Jackson EMC prides itself on delivering quality, energy-efficient new homes to its members through the Right Choice home program. Energy-efficient living has been a hot topic the last several years and Right Choice™ homes offer exactly what today’s homebuyers are looking for.

Recently, Jackson EMC surveyed Right Choice homeowners to learn more about how important it was to purchase an energy-efficient home with guaranteed energy savings. According to the survey, about two-thirds of homeowners said the Right Choice brand influenced their purchase decision while less than one-third indicated that it had no influence.

Right Choice homes offer plenty of sought-after features:

  • Lower utility bills
  • Comfort and energy usage warranty
  • Better comfort
  • Efficiency testing
  • Quality control during construction
  • Helps ensure meet energy code

Of all influences, the results clearly show that lower utility bills is the main factor valued most by homeowners. About one-third of those surveyed also place a high value on the comfort and energy usage warranty.

Member satisfaction is a top priority at Jackson EMC and overall, Right Choice homeowners are very satisfied with their new home, according to the survey.Jackson EMC Celebrates Get to Know Your Customers Day

“Lower bills at the same temperature settings used at old home.”

“Power bill is much better than last house of comparable size.”

“This house is much better insulated than our old home and better than other new homes we looked at.”

“Our home is exactly what we expected a Right Choice home to be…”

Right Choice homes promote comfortable, energy-efficient living with notable homebuyer advantages that include:

  • Guaranteed Comfort
    • 1-year comfort warranty guarantees that each room will stay within three degrees of the thermostat setting for that zone
  • Guaranteed Energy Savings
    • 3-year energy warranty guarantees annual heating and cooling energy usage will not exceed the amount predicted
  • Jackson EMC’s Energy Advantage Rate
    • 5% lower residential rate, provides resale advantage

To learn more about the Right Choice home difference, visit RightChoice.JacksonEMC.com, and Happy Get to Know Your Customers Day!

*Ask your Jackson EMC representative for complete warranty terms and conditions. 

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