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While some have declared blogging dead, the medium has become a critical component of marketing strategies.  On today’s Marketing Minute on Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio, co-hosts Carol Morgan and Todd Schnick discuss how to implement blogging for maximum impact.

Blogs were once considered merely online journals for anyone with access to a keyboard and the internet, but blogs have become essential for businesses as a way to share fresh content with customers and clients. When companies publish new posts to their websites, it alerts search engines to ping the site, which keeps the site relevant in search results. In other words, when a company adds new content, they improve the likelihood that their site will rank high on a search for their product.

Morgan says, “It doesn’t matter what you call it. Call it News,” or Info, but keep posting fresh content. Schnick agrees that interviews, columns and reviews added regularly to a website are examples of updated content.  For companies struggling to determine topics to write about, Morgan and Schnick have suggestions. Write about new products and services, new employees. Share about sponsorships, charity work and even new clients. Make a list of the most common questions asked about the company and write a series to answer them.

Frequency only matters in that it is regular. Morgan suggests that companies use the frequency with which they began posting content. Deciding to post 30 times a month is an aggressive goal that most companies cannot hit, so consider between two and eight posts a month, and stick to it. If a site stops adding new contents search engines stop crawling the site, and thus stop paying attention to the company in search results.

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