Stone Front Porch with rustic columns

Outdoor living has become more important than ever as homeowners spend more time at home. A porch provides homeowners a glimpse of the outdoors from the comfort of their own home. Porches are often considered an extension of a home’s living space because they provide room for entertainment and relaxation. Whether sitting on a rocking chair or a handcrafted Adirondack chair, a front or back porch is an opportunity to create a comfortable environment where both friends and family can hang out.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to front porches. The most common porch is a portico, also known as a front porch. They typically cover the stairs or front door and extend to the side of the house. These types of porches are great for ducking in out of the rain and are also an ideal place to sit when watching deer and birds search for morning snacks.

A fan favorite is a covered back porch. This type of porch extends the living and entertainment space beyond the four walls of the home, and provides guests room to mill about during fiestas, holidays and gatherings. Decorate your covered back porch with outdoor furniture and accessories to tie in the home’s interior style. From comfy couches to modern café tables, stylish pieces help create a cohesive home design.

Artisan Built offers a number of different home designs! Your perfect porch and outdoor living space is just around the next corner. Home buyers can customize their homes by choosing their ideal type of outdoor living space. A wide range of customizations that will benefit the home’s curb appeal along are available.


outdoor fireplace on covered porch

Better use of space: Adding a fireplace to a covered porch creates a space to enjoy all year-long. It is a beautiful focal point in summer when the nights cool off and the marshmallows are whipped out but once the seasons begin to change, the fireplace really lights up the night. A fireplace is a great addition to improve the life and functionality of a porch, especially for homeowners who love entertaining throughout the summer and winter holidays.

They look great: A fireplace adds to the overall appeal of a home. This addition contributes to the home’s value and future buyers will love this extra touch of love, including visiting guests and envious neighbors. As an added bonus, place a TV over the top to watch football, baseball or even a rock concert.


Outdoor covered porch with large fan

Protection from bugs: One of the most surprising benefits of adding a fan to an outdoor living space is insect control. Forget swatting at buzzing sweat bees and annoying mosquitoes because a fan will do that for you. A fan’s controlled breeze makes it hard for insects to fly around which means this is an absolute must-have for most outdoor porch sitters.

Cooler environment: With a fan, you can sit outside on a summer evening and actually enjoy the beautiful views. A fan’s cool breeze increases airflow and keeps the space from feeling too hot. An outdoor living space is transformed with just a flick of a switch!


Natural Stone Porches

Stone Front Porch with rustic columns

Low maintenance: Natural stone or flagstone porches are generally low maintenance because homeowners do not have to repaint, reglue or repair the stones. In humid environments stone porches do not mildew or mold.

Durability: While other materials degrade over time due to weather and other environmental factors, stone porches last much longer due to its natural strength. A stone porch won’t be easily damaged in the next storm.

They look great: A stone porch is something not many of your neighbors have. This aesthetically pleasing addition will enhance the property’s look and stay beautiful as the years go by.

By customizing your porch, you can change the way you look at outdoor living. To learn more about our Paulding County new homes, floor plans and porch customizations, visit

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