Social media platforms change constantly, each one racing to release new features to provide a better user experience and to keep us posting. Today’s Marketing Minute on Atlanta Real Estate Forum shines a light on the new Instagram carousel feature that co-hosts Carol Morgan and Todd Schnick agree is a game-changer.

Since its inception until very recently, Instagram users could upload and post just one image or video at a time. This meant that if someone wanted to share every photo from a five-star dinner or trip of a lifetime, that user’s photos filled the feed, invariably annoying his or her followers. If, as Schnick says, a builder wants to show photos of the interior design of a home, they no longer have to risk losing followers by filling the feed with an unending stream of uploads.

The new Instagram carousel feature allows users to choose up to 10 photos or videos to post in a swipe-controlled post. The carousel provides some simple but expressive benefits. Aside from the obvious change in how photos are presented, the carousel allows users to tell a more complete story in one simple post. Further, the posts sent to Facebook appear in a visually appealing way, translating between the platforms smoothly. Finally, users no longer have to make every shot an award-winner. A carousel is often populated with a variety of exposures and framing choices.

Morgan said that Instagram’s decision to do a full rollout at once rather than allowing the update to trickle out across users over a time frame has been helpful. Seeing multiple users adapt to the upgrade have shown its navigability and possible uses.

Learn more about this new feature by listening to today’s segment, and contact Denim Marketing to hear how they can help establish a results-driven Instagram account.



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