Home upgrades and renovations are often centered around the kitchen and bathrooms; but there are lots of reasons to not forget about the grounds around your home when you consider upgrades and improvements to your real estate, from giving you a place to enjoy the Georgia summer (when we’re not busy being the Seattle of the South) to attracting buyers (if your home is on the resale market). Equifax combines market data with advice from HGTV experts in the new article, ”

Increase Your Home’s Value With These Five Outdoor Upgrades.”

While upgrading the outdoors around your home can provide a great benefit, it can also quickly turn into a huge headache, if you don’t plan appropriately. Be sure to carefully budget for outdoor renovations, and have a solid plan in place for when tasks should be completed so that you stay on track. Also consider that outdoor additions are seasonally enjoyed, so they may not appeal to all buyers. It’s safer to choose upgrades that you will enjoy and go from there rather than bank on any outdoor improvements for your highest return-on-investment.

If you are going to add to your outdoors, Equifax recommends you consider these projects first:

  • Fire Pit
  • Outdoor Kitchen
  • Patio
  • Landscaping
  • Paint

To learn more about why each of these upgrades excels at enhancing your home, see the full article on the Equifax Finance Blog. While there, you can find advice for everything from retirement tips to super

privacy protection information and more!

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