About Sales, Inc.About Sales, Inc., an Atlanta real estate brokerage established in 2007, is excited about the improving housing market. Over the past few months, the company has brought on three new builder accounts, Archway Custom Homes, Legacy Built and Reminisce Residential.

About Sales, Inc. handles all aspects of sales and marketing for these builders. This includes designing signage and logos, managing collateral creation for new projects, conducting comparative market analyses (CMAs), providing product and pricing recommendations for every project under consideration, consulting on reporting and business development, providing all listing services and recruiting for and staffing every community.

“As we enter a cycle of market growth for builders, it is very important that each client builds his business in the right way,” said Scott Payne, vice president of business development at About Sales, Inc. “We view our business through the lens of a home builder. Because of our diverse background in the industry, we are very comfortable having strategic conversations with our clients about their day to day operations. We really strive to feel like an in house sales team, and that is what makes us different from our competitors.”

The housing industry is seeing extremely limited inventory. This puts the company’s clients in a unique position of strength.

“Many of the conversations we are having today center on maximizing returns rather than generating pace,” explained Payne. “It’s a delicate balance, so we have to stay close to it and make the right choice based on client philosophy.

For more information regarding Archway Custom Homes, Legacy Built and Reminisce Residential, visit www.AboutSalesInc.com.

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