Identity theft protection with bonusIf you are concerned about identity theft protection or are recovering from identity theft and need help, the Equifax Complete protection plan has just gotten an upgrade that makes online identity theft protection even easier! With a partnership with, Equifax is now able to offer online privacy monitoring as a standard feature of their protection plans.

Online privacy monitoring became necessary with the advent of social networks, online forums, blogs and other forms of online communication and information sharing. But since current laws are insufficient to prevent total strangers from harvesting your private information, online reputation management is now critical. has provided online reputation management and Internet privacy protection to clients in more than 100 countries since 2006.


identity theft protection addition joins the Equifax benefits of real time credit monitoring, fraud alerts, credit file locking and lost wallet protection. This suite of tools is perfect for keeping a tight control on your credit and online identity, and consumers are further empowered by the addition of personal data protection.

To learn more about how this service can help you on the path of financial prosperity, or how to order your credit report from Equifax to get an idea of where your finances stand, visit!

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