Foreclosure property for rentWhile the spring buying season is fast-approaching and many people are getting into the market for a home, GaHomeForeclosures knows that buying isn’t for everyone. From having less-than-perfect financing to wanting to try out an area before you buy, renting is an attractive option for many. We work to help everyone find the best homes for their needs, so we offer a wide variety of rental and lease-purchase options in addition to our traditional low-price sales on foreclosures in Georgia. Our rental options have already proven popular in 2013, with 56 homes rented or put into lease-purchase programs in just the first quarter! We are partners with WEGO Property Management to share apartment, duplex, condo, townhouse, single family home or room rentals all around Georgia and at all price points. We have over 200 available rental properties available in an easy-to-search listing format, and the skilled leasing agents at WEGO are ready to help you find the right rental for you, as well as take every step from showing through lease signing with you. These homes are of the same quality as the move-in ready foreclosure homes we are known for, and are similarly aggressively priced for the coming spring buying season. To start your search for a move in ready rental home, contact the WEGO Team at 678-578-5980 or 1-800-537-WEGO!

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