If you’re like about half of other American adults, you made a New Year’s resolution related to helping the environment. So how’s that going? Atlanta new home builder Haven Properties has some ideas for easy ways to make it happen.

A survey by Tiller, LLC, says that just under half (49%) of American adults made a green New Year’s resolution in 2008. When given a list of environmentally responsible lifestyle changes, 75% of respondents said they would reduce their household energy usage. An easy way to do it? Use smart power strips for things like computers and home entertainment centers. The smart strips prevent items from drawing an electric current while they’re idle. You can also help by unplugging chargers for your iPod, cell phone or other handheld devices when you’re not using them. Tiller lists nine more easy ways to help the environment on their site.

And if building a new home is on your list of things to do in 2008, now’s the time to check out Haven Properties, where building energy efficient, environmentally friendly and healthy homes is the only way to do business. That’s why Energy Star has recognized them for excellence three years running and why they’re a premier EarthCraft builder, too.

And don’t miss this: Haven has a Million Dollar Inventory Clearance Sale going on now. Homes in every community are up to $40,000 off, while Haven gets ready to build on their past successes to build even more flexibility and livability into their homes this summer. These new home price reductions are good on contracts written and closed by May 31, 2008. If you’re looking for a new home in Cobb, Cherokee, Dawson, Douglas, Forsyth or South Fulton, there’s no better time to choose Haven Properties.

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