Matt Reyes with New American Funding on Atlanta's Best New Homes on tax returns

Atlanta’s Best New Homes Show recently welcomed Loan Consultant Matt Reyes with New American Funding. Reyes joined this segment of Mortgage Minute sponsored by New American Funding to discuss how to use your tax return to get a mortgage!

“It’s tax season and this is many people’s favorite time of year,” said Reyes. “Now is a great opportunity to use those refunds to obtain homeownership. We are at historically low-interest rates right now, so the timing really couldn’t be any better.”

There are several candidates in the Atlanta area who have been renting for months or even years. Instead of paying someone else’s mortgage, now is a great time to start paying your own and invest in a future of homeownership. Obtaining a mortgage can be a hard and rigorous process, especially if you are finding it difficult to gather up the money required for the down payment, closing costs or moving expenses. Using the money from a tax refund to pay for some of these costs is a great way to become a homeowner with less financial stress.

Some people have the funds necessary to pay for all the initial home-buying fees but want to start off on the right foot in the new home with as few fees as possible. Another great way to use a tax refund to achieve this and buy a home is to buy out the monthly mortgage insurance by paying it upfront instead of over the course of a few months.

“My personal favorite way to use the money is buying down that interest rate,” said Reyes. “It could lead to thousands and thousands of dollars in savings down the road.”

New American Funding offers several programs to help people become homeowners. Whether you are a first-time buyer, someone with a lower credit score looking to buy or an experienced homeowner, New American Funding has the tools available to help. All of the many programs offered by New American Funding can also be funded with the help of your tax return!

For more information on how to use your tax refund to obtain homeownership or the abundant products offered by New American Funding, call 678-919-8016. You can also visit Make sure to watch the whole interview at the video below!

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