new home near Augusta When searching for a new home near Augusta, the amount of storage space that is available can be a primary factor in which home you choose, especially for a large family. Closet space in particular can be a deal-breaker for many people. However, after years of living in a home, it can seem like there is never enough space to hold all of the clothes, toys and other items that a family accumulates.

There are many ways to maximize closet space so that you can store each and every item in them with room to spare. But maximizing space doesn’t mean you have to spend a large amount of money on closet organization systems or custom shelving. Instead, try some of these clever closet organization tricks that are affordable and effective at keeping closet clutter at bay:

  1. Remove and Recycle: The first step to ridding your closet of unnecessary clutter and becoming organized is to clean them out. If you are holding onto clothing items that haven’t been worn in at least a year, toss them. If your children no longer play with toys they received last Christmas, donate them. Once your closets are clear of unused items, it will be much easier to organize the items you know you need or regularly use.
  2. Multi-Shirt Hangers: You can save a great deal of space by hanging several shirts in the space of one by using multi-shirt hangers. Instead of purchasing these often expensive hangers, make your own with an “S” hook and a foot-long length of chain. Hang the chain from the “S” hook, and then thread your shirt hangers though the chain. Space them how you prefer, and then hang the “S” hook up in your closet. Now, you have five or six shirts hanging in the space of one!
  3. Tie Hangers: Men generally have an abundance of ties, and finding ways to store them neatly can be a challenge. A quick and inexpensive storage option is to purchase a set of plastic shower rings. Thread each tie through a ring and snap the rings around a hanger or the clothes rod in your closet.
  4. Belt Hangers: Instead of purchasing a belt hanger, make one of your own. Just drill several holes along the bottom of a wooden hanger and screw a small hook into each hole. Then, slide the belt buckle over the hook and you have instant storage for multiple belts all in one small space.
  5. Consolidate and Label Boxes: If you store shoes or other items in boxes, consolidate smaller items into one large box. For example, place sandals and flip flops together in one larger box since they’re small and easy to locate. For larger shoes, such as boots or nice heels that you prefer to keep separated, leave them in the original box or place in an individual storage container and label it so you know what’s in it with a quick glance.

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