Yorktown plan from keystone homesAre you searching for the perfect home site? If you’ve selected the perfect floor plan and community for your family, chances are the builder will only have a limited number of home sites available for you to build on. To determine which site you should choose, Keystone Homes, a new home builder in Augusta, suggests visiting each site to familiarize yourself with your options. Be sure to take a camera along and something to take notes on. There are several factors that can help you determine which site to select as the location for your dream home:


Families with small children may prefer a cul-de-sac site that offers safety from a lower number of passing cars. However, cul-de-sac sites often have more narrow front yards because of their wedge shape.

Corner sites have traffic on both sides, but they are generally larger. However, this means that more landscape maintenance will be required. In addition, this type of home site has higher visibility. This means that you’ll need to add curb appeal to both the front and one side of the home, instead of just the façade.

Another option is a home site that is located at the front entrance of the community. This provides you with quicker access in and out of the community, but there may be more traffic here than anywhere else in the community.

A final factor to consider when choosing the location of your home site is how far it is from community amenities, like parks, walking trails or the swimming pool. If you and your family will be visiting these features on a regular basis, make sure your home site is within walking or bike riding distance.


The direction your home faces affects more than just the view out of your bedroom window. The amount of sunlight your main living areas receive can affect your heating and cooling bills, as well as the type of lighting and window treatments each room will need. A western exposure captures the afternoon sun, while an eastern exposure receives the morning light. However, a southern or western exposure can make outdoor living spaces too hot to enjoy during the summer months.

If you enjoy gardening, figure out how much sun the type of plants you will be planting require during the growing season. Corner home sites often provide a large side yard in addition to the front and back yards, which can provide more flexibility for growing various types of plants.


It is important to consider the type of terrain that will suite your home best. If a home site is hilly and you’ve always wanted to have a pool in your backyard, it may cause problems. Also, watch out for home sites that have rock outcroppings, embankments or other physical barriers that can reduce your buildable area. It is also important to check with your builder to ensure that there aren’t any unusual setback lines or utility easements that must be abided by.


The shape of a particular home site is important to how your home will sit on the property. Take note of the depth of the site, as well as the shape of both the front and back yards. Walk through how your home would sit on the site with your builder so that you can visualize the outdoor space you will have. If you are not happy with the size of the yard space, you will want to keep looking.

It is important to remember that most home sites will have pros and cons, and finding the site for your new Augusta home will take some compromise. You may even be required to pay a premium for the home site of your dreams. It’s a good idea to keep your mind open as you search and make sure you understand exactly what you’re getting as you narrow down your choices. For more information on selecting the perfect site for your dream home, contact Keystone Homes by visiting www.KeystoneHomes.com.

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