Summer is finally here and bringing in the spirit of those hot, fun-filled, beautiful days inside can make a home cheery and welcoming. Here are a few tips for giving your home an easy summer makeover!

1. Pops of Color

Summer is all about brightness, so incorporating pops of color into the current setup is a great way to enliven all the rooms at home. If there is no budget or time for painting the walls, keep it simple by tossing in some brightly-colored or patterned throw pillows, blankets and other accessories. Even books on the coffee table can be switched out with brighter book covers!

2. Change the Drapes

Heavy drapes in winter lock in the warmth, but for summer, light, flowy curtains let in the cool evening air and keep out the heat. Additionally, adding sheer curtains offers a more unobstructed view of the gorgeous great outdoors.

3. Bring the Outside In…

Time spent outdoors is a staple of summer fun, but sometimes heat, rain or work keeps people inside.  In this case, bring some outside into the home. Blooming flowers, fresh green plants, bamboo or other eco-friendly materials will make the connection between outside and in, while giving a fresh, rejuvenating feeling to the home.

4.…Or, Get Outside

Summer allows families to spend dazzling evenings outside. Why stop when it’s dinner time? To give everyone the benefit of spending time with nature, try setting up a picnic area, reading nook or fire pit outside. This can be done in backyards or on apartment decks, with a little creativity.

5. Go Pantone

The Pantone Color of the Year is Greenery, which is all about brightness, freshening up and connecting people to the outdoors. What could be better for summer? Anyone who is stuck for a summer color scheme should look no further than Greenery. This can be integrated into a home with accent walls, wall art, throw pillows, blankets, plants and more!

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