One of the privileges of purchasing a new Augusta home is being able to decorate the interior to fit your personal taste. Whether it is changing paint colors, purchasing new furniture or adding new pictures, you can change up the style and feel of your home with just a few minor touches. One way to add a new look to your home without redoing an entire room is by giving your staircase a makeover. By following these few tips, you can add new personality to your stairs in no time.

  • Pretty patterns: To create visual interest on your stairs, place patterned wallpaper to the front of your stairs. Adhere the paper with double-stick tape instead of glue to make the process easier, and use a small smoother to eliminate bubbles. After trimming the paper with a single-edge razor blade, apply clear acrylic spray to protect the paper against scuffs.
  • Mini mirror mosaic: Apply sheets of slightly irregular mosaic mirror tiles to add an exotic touch to your staircase. If you’re comfortable with a tile cutter, you can handle the job yourself. Or, hire a handyman to do the job for you.
  • Chalk it up: Do you have a favorite motivational quote that you’d like to see every morning? Or, how about a unique place for your children to displace their creativity? By applying chalkboard paint to your stairs, you can have either one. Go bold with colored paint, or stick with the basic black. Make sure to use a damp cloth instead of an eraser for cleaning to eliminate chalk dust.
  • Progressive painting: To stay updated with current trends, add a colorful touch to your stairs by adding an ombré paint scheme. Choose four or five graduated shades from the same color family. Apply a different shade to three stairs, starting at the top with the lightest color and using consecutively darker shades as you descend. Use a small, angled brush for edges and a larger brush to fill in.

If you are in the market for a new Augusta home that you can decorate to fit your personal taste, check out Keystone Homes’ new community, Bartram Trail. Located just outside of Augusta in Evans, Bartram Trail features new single-family homes that have more than 4,000 square feet of living space and are priced from the $400,000s. Visit the to learn why you can trust your homeownership dreams to Keystone.

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