Deako Smart Lighting

Artisan Built Communities offers homebuyers Smart Lighting as well as a variety of upgrades at NatureWalk at Seven Hills in Paulding County that truly enhance the lifestyle within the home. One of the new features offered is Deako Smart Lighting. Artisan Built homebuyers love the idea of customizing their homes; however, home customization goes beyond just selecting cabinet colors and detailed finishes. Deako Smart Lighting provides the unique opportunity to modernize the home with smart lighting features fit for homeowners’ individual lifestyles.

Deako Smart Lighting started as a conversation between founder Derek Richardson and a neighbor who built and remodeled homes. According to Derek’s neighbor, many homebuilders purposely detered buyers from using smart home features due to its cost and complexity. After becoming frustrated with replacing the standard light fixtures within his own home, Derek found a solution for the two problems by creating a modular switch designed for lighting connectivity within the home that was easy, safe and offered at minimal additional cost.

Over the past few years, smart home technology has risen in popularity with homebuyers seeking the latest and greatest features on the market. Artisan Built Communities encourages buyers to upgrade to smart features to enhance the functionality of their home’s living spaces and their family’s lifestyle. With Deako Smart Lighting, NatureWalk homeowners have the flexibility to personalize their home’s lighting with features such as dimmers, motion sensors, timers and plug-n-play smart switches in order to provide the best home automation system available.

One of the best parts about DeakoTech’s innovative smart switches is that they can be placed in any area of the home. Whether it is in the home’s entryway, great room or on the home’s exterior, homeowners can have customized lighting wherever they see a need. Homeowners can also upgrade and add on additional smart switches at any given time without having to hire an electrician. These add-ons can be connected to the home and easily controlled with just a single touch from the Deako App, which is available for iOS and Android devices.

Experience the effortless lighting experience of Deako Smart Lighting in the new Artisan Built homes at NatureWalk at Seven Hills! Tours are available for the model park and meetings can be scheduled with a designer to select the upgrades for new Artisan Built homes. To learn more about Artisan Built Communities and new homes in Paulding County, contact Artisan Built today.

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