This week’s All about Real Estate edition of the Atlanta Real Estate Forum radio show had Stephen Haines, Atlanta Division President of Meritage Homes, speak with hosts Todd Schnick and Carol Morgan. Haines shared what makes Meritage Homes unique and the different options available to buyers.

Meritage Homes embodies its motto “Life Built Better” in every home they build. These homes save buyers money, are built with better quality and include features to help owners breathe better. Another way they rise above their competition is by going above and beyond the energy efficiency requirements on their projects.

Their breathtaking designs come standard with a number of energy efficient features to lower costs for owners. These features include nearly 100% LED lighting to brighten the home, low ESC windows to allow less heat inside and variable speed air handlers to cool the home at a regular pace.

Haines urged listeners to visit their learning centers to be informed of their options. Meritage Homes has learning centers available in several communities including Martins Crossing, Laurel Canyon, Cambridge Estates and Carson Creek. These centers help buyers experience Meritage Homes up close and allow them to explore options they might not know they have.

Different from their learning centers, design centers are also available for potential buyers. In fact, Meritage will soon be opening a new 5,000 square foot design center near Perimeter Mall to go along with the one currently operating in Powder Springs. These centers make it easy for customers to personalize their home by working with trained designers to pick the colors and styles they want.

Meritage Homes doesn’t just improve their buyers’ experience; they look out for their agents as well. Through their Agents Rock program, they keep agents informed of the latest developments in their communities, where the next openings will be, available specials and more. Once agents register, they can receive exclusive bonuses on certain homes, and for every third sale they make with Meritage, they receive a special trip!

There are currently around 33 Meritage communities in the Atlanta area, and there are more to come. Meritage is actively shopping and buying neighborhoods in the area in order to maintain their expansion, and there are already seven communities coming within the next six months. Their Fernwood community will soon be complete. Located between Woodstock and Roswell, this community includes fantastic lots with spacious homes and beautiful finishes. Additionally, Meritage will finally be developing in Fayetteville with their model opening this fall.

Buyers certainly have exciting things to look forward to when it comes to Meritage Homes. The learning and design centers are excellent ways for customers to get closer looks at the homes available to them and add a personal touch to the one they choose. Haines’ visit certainly showed the many ways Meritage Homes builds a better life.

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