It is time to get past the media hype about how bad the market is and let the industry professionals turn it around. The real estate professionals know the market best and more importantly – know the Atlanta new home buyer!

    It’s time to spread the word to all of the new home buyer clients that this is the best time in our lifetime to buy a brand new home!

    The deals that are being offered out there cannot and will not ever be matched again.
    Foreclosures: The news has been publishing everywhere how people are destroying their homes when they get foreclosed on by doing insidious things like pouring concrete down the toilets, pulling electrical work out of walls, etc. Why would someone want to buy a train wreck when they can buy a BRAND NEW HOME with the same kind of pricing? Prices are at new home builder’s cost or better.

    Builders are offering bonuses to the real estate professionals like never before…sell a brand new home…THAT is how you make a lot of money in this market!

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