KNOWAtlanta Summer Issue

Whether you’re looking to relocate to Atlanta or are a newcomer putting down roots in the metro area, KNOWAtlanta Relocation Guide is your one-stop-shop for data, advice and information on all things Atlanta. Whether it’s housing information, county and city reports or details on education, KNOWAtlanta benefits everyone with interest in our bustling city.

As Atlanta’s number one relocation magazine, KNOWAtlanta highlights the best of our city and its culture, along with moving information and can’t-miss experiences. It is the resource with all of the need-to-know information—from the best communities and schools to the popular events you don’t want to miss and the restaurants you must try! The new Summer 2018 issue gives readers an updated look at how Atlanta stacks up in terms of housing, business and culture.  Did you know that Atlanta has a reputation as one of the nation’s most business-friendly cities? With 26 Fortune 1000 companies calling Atlanta home, it’s incredible the way the economy is thriving. Besides the booming economy, here are a few highlights in the new issue:

  • Explore some of metro Atlanta’s best lakeside communities.
  • Get to know the beloved Buckhead community.
  • Discover what’s new in popular cities like Marietta and Peachtree City.
  • Find out about all things education.
  • Learn about the five stages of relocation
  • Check out the Moving to Atlanta Checklist.
  • Read out the top five counties for new home purchases.

This summer issue answers all the main questions people have when moving to Atlanta: Where are the best places to live? What is the cost of living? What do I do once I actually relocate? In this issue, KNOWAtlanta brings all the best up-to-date information from prime Atlanta locales. For a digital free copy of the summer 2018 issue, click here.

KNOWAtlanta has developed numerous relationships throughout the years, including relationships with Human Resource departments across the country and internationally, who want to provide employees with relocation guides to help make their transition as easy as possible. If you’re interested in growing your business, contact KNOWAtlanta for advertising details or to request a free magazine.