Are you circling the isles of your local department store, looking for the perfect gifts for the loved ones on your list, but coming up short? Well, Google’s trends spotting tool, “Insight for Search,” will give you an overview of the most frequent searches so that you can narrow down your shopping list with ease. Below, you’ll find a summary of Google’s list of this year’s holiday must-haves.

If you’re shopping for toys, searches for Hasbro’s Nerf Stampede are steadily rising. The Nerf Stampede is the toymaker’s latest version of its popular Nerf dart blasters. Searches for rival toymaker Mattel’s Sing-a-Ma-Jings, small plush toys that sing when you press their tummies, are also on the rise.

Already a popular craze among children and adults alike, searches for Silly Bandz are surging; however, shoppers are looking for vintage or unique versions of the popular bracelets. Examples of unique Silly Bandz include Disney characters, sports celebrities, Hello Kitty bandz and Fantasy Silly bandz.

Other popular Google searches include the collectible Japanese erasers called Iwako erasers that are shaped like cute animals, fruits and vegetables and “balance bikes,” wooden training bikes for kids.

Searches for children’s gifts are not the only thing on the rise. A hot item with holiday gift seekers looking for consumer electronics are the “Otterbox” brand of iPhone 4 cases. Plus, flip camcorder searches have doubled and inquiries about 3-D televisions are also on the rise.

For more information about these and other hot holiday shopping ideas, visit the CNN Money website.

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