Homebuyer Finds Better-Designed Plans with SR Homes

In addition to valuing its strong Realtor and agent relationships, SR Homes also appreciates its solid bond with happy SR homeowners. One of the biggest compliments a home builder can receive from its clients is a referral.

For example, recent homebuyer Bing has since referred other out-of-state friends to SR Homes for its well-designed plans and quality construction. The SR team enjoyed the following conversation with Bing on his homebuying experience:

“We lived in a suburb of Chicago and both our kids are now in college, so we felt we needed a change of scenery,” Bing said. “We didn’t want to shovel the snow anymore and also didn’t want to keep paying the high property tax for Chicago anymore.”

Bing and his family were looking for a place for maybe a few years down the line for retirement and his new SR community was the place they were happy to find. They toured a couple of different building sites and decided “this is the place.”

“I think the design of the house and the price and the neighborhood fit what we were looking for. It had a swimming pool, tennis courts and pickleball courts; a lot of things we were looking for!

“Some communities with this number of houses are smaller and it just feels like a small circle, not really much you can do inside there, and some of the houses, their design [or the size of the house] is not exactly what we [wanted].

“I do feel here, the houses are better built [and] the designs are better. I think the height of the ceilings and design stands out. Other homes are not built like that.”

According to Bing, they have already recommended SR Homes to their friends currently living in Virginia and New Jersey who have already come and looked for a house. An SR Homes community is definitely one of the places they are looking at.

To learn more about available new home homes throughout the metro Atlanta area and the builder’s well-designed plans, visit www.SRHomes.com.

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