Home values have always been closely associated with the strength of a local school district, which is a primary deciding factor for buyers with young children. Forsyth County is one example of a sought-after area in metro Atlanta that has a great school system and beautiful homes. With competitive, highly-ranked schools at elementary, middle and high school levels, people move from all over the metro area to place their children in the district.

Buyers that move to this area receive multiple benefits from the school system. Not only will their child receive a great education, but a home located in a sought-after educational system will often see values stabilize and even appreciate. It goes without saying that there is a high correlation between test scores and home values, which illustrates that families are willing to pay more to ensure that their children receive the best education.

Academy Mortgage is the perfect lender for those buyers that would like to be in their home as soon as possible so that their children can begin receiving a great education. With Academy, the lending process can be completed in as little as two weeks, thanks to everything being handled in-house.


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