home trade-in

Do you want to give your family the gift of a beautiful new home this holiday season, but are worried about selling your current house? Knock, the first-ever Home Trade-in platform, is partnering with home builders across Atlanta to buy your brand new home on your behalf by the holidays. We’ll then get your house ready for sale by the new year when the market is hot.

Knock already works with every home builder in the Atlanta area, and has helped dozens of customers achieve their dream of trading-in their old house for a new home. Here’s how the Home Trade-in program works:

Step 1: You find your new home (maybe you already found it!)

Step 2: Knock buys the new home on your behalf with cash and no contingencies

Step 3: You move into the new home

Step 4: Knock completes repairs, lists and sells your old home

Step 5: You buy the home back from Knock

Many people, like yourself, are both buying a new home and selling another at the same time — 71% of sellers, in fact. As you know, most home builders will not accept an offer that is contingent on the sale of your current house. That’s where Knock steps in: We get you fully pre-approved for your new mortgage and then buy your chosen new home on your behalf with our cash, removing your mortgage contingency so you can move in quickly.  You’ll have plenty of time to settle in before the end of year holidays, if you act now.

While you are comfortably in your brand new house, we recommend and complete any improvements (with your approval, of course) that will optimize the final sale price of your home, and even advance you up to $10,000 to complete them. Then we market your old house aggressively using the MLS, Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, Google and hundreds of other sites to get you the most offers and best offer in the shortest period of time.

Launched by founding team members of Trulia, Knock is on a mission to make trading in your home as easy as trading in your car. Let us help you give your family the gift of a beautiful, new construction home by the holidays. Find our more about home trade-in, get started right now by submitting your home for a free price analysis at Knock.com.

Sounds too good to be true? Read what hundreds of our customers have had to say on Zillow and Trulia.