With so many great deals on new homes, more and more people are finding it difficult to sell their homes. Lise Desormeaux with Real Estate Marketing Results has come up with a unique way to ensure that your home is set apart from the rest. Her home staging service focuses on maximizing the sellers’ value while minimizing the time on the market. Lise walks through the home and makes changes that showcase the home.

Lise works on all price levels of homes and her techniques have proven to successfully sell homes quickly. There are several options for people looking to sell. First, if you are living in your home while it is on the market, Lise will help you with an interior makeover. This includes organizing, decluttering, repositioning the furniture and depersonalizing the home so that buyers can see more easily themselves and their taste throughout the house. They also offer an extreme interior makeover which aims at renovating the home for the best return on investment. For individuals that do not live in their home while they have it on the market, Lise offers two creative options. Because it is important to appeal to the buyers’ emotions, furniture is a necessity. Lise can provide you with either a professional home sitter with great furniture to temporarily live in your home until it sells, or can supply new furnishing to make your home a “model home” while it is on the market. This advice can really help you sell your home quickly whether you are looking to move to another state, or just up the road. Atlantans no longer have to wait and stress about selling homes and can instead move on to bigger and better things! See Lise on WSB TV!

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