Home South CommunitiesDelivering quality, value and location, Home South Communities makes southern suburban living easy. Led by building pros, Reiner Rietig, Stephen Palmer, Mike Moore and Tamra Wade, Home South was founded in 2011 as a fresh start after the recession. Offering more than 40 years of experience, the team had the know-how to build a company from the ground up.

With 42 home sales, the first year started strong. The company continued to grow in its second year with 97 homes sold in 2012. Now that the market has fully recovered, they are projecting 150 sales for 2013.

The strength of the team and its products will make this prediction a reality. For instance, the company’s manager and chief financial officer, Stephen Palmer, has more than 25 years of experience. He has worked in the industry in both Washington D.C. and Atlanta. Additionally, Palmer is the past president of the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association and is still constantly active in industry affairs.  At Home South, he makes sure homes are built with families in mind.

“Everything we do is set on delivering the best products at the best prices in the best locations,” stated Palmer. “Because our target market is expanding families with children, homes have to be near schools, commuter routes, stores, entertainment and restaurants.”

“Buyers love the distinctive interiors of the homes because they have very clean and crisp features,” commented Tamra Wade, sales and marketing manager for Home South. “They incorporate the very latest in home design trends, energy-efficiency and craftsmanship.”

Besides offering high quality, affordable prices and superb locations, Home South makes customer satisfaction a priority. The builder ensures its customers that they will deliver excellent products. According to Palmer, this is proven by Home South’s association with top industry contacts, including subcontractors and designers. In addition, the builder has received national and local accolades and awards.

As their name suggests, Home South makes southern living feel like home. If you’re looking for a new suburban or even intown home, take the first step. Learn more about Home South by visiting them online at www.HomeSouthCommunities.com or calling 1.855.770.HOME.

Watch for your Builders Club Rewards newspaper and learn more about what sets this dynamic home building company apart from their competition!

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