Searching for a sharp, sleek look for your Atlanta kitchen or bath? High gloss acrylic panels may be the perfect solution for your project.  These finishes have been popular in upscale European homes for years, and now American kitchens and bathrooms can acquire this same look. Lustrolite high gloss acrylic panels from Innovate Building Solutions are an affordable choice for homeowners who want to add a unique and contemporary touch to their kitchen or bathroom. The colorful, low-maintenance wall panels can be installed instead of tile to give a sleek, sophisticated look to kitchen and bathroom backsplashes, as well as tub and shower enclosures. They’re versatile and can be used in a variety of ways to create a stunning accent wall anywhere in the home, to add a pop of color to the kitchen, or for a slick, contemporary look in the bathroom.

The panels come in four sizes for design flexibility with a wide-range of decorator colors including arctic white, blue atoll, glacier, mocha, carbon and red rouge. The panels are made of a high-performance acrylic material that look like back-painted glass but are 20 times stronger. They are half the weight of glass panels and less expensive. Furthermore, high gloss, non-stick panels are not just beautiful and up-to-date, but they are also quite practical. They are super easy to clean as they  wipe off easily with mild soap and water.  If you are tired of scrubbing and cleaning grout, this is the perfect solution for you!

Lustrolite is resistant to UV light, scratching, cracking, warping and chipping and is 100% waterproof. If scratches do occur, they can be removed with manual buffing. A liquid plastic polish will quickly replenish the panels natural shine. The panels are light, flexible and easy to install, even by do-it-yourselfers. They can be cut with standard woodworking tools and adhere to the wall with double-sided tape and neutral cure silicone. Installation typically takes a third of the time of a tile job.

Match your high gloss finish in your home with Lustrolite high gloss acrylic panels in your kitchen and bathrooms. Innovate Building Solutions offers free shipping and professional installation on a regional basis. The company will ship to DIY-ers at wholesale pricing. To learn more about the versatile and trendy high gloss acrylic panels from Innovate Building Solutions, call 877-668-5888 or visit

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