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    Kim Hatcher, public affairs coordinator with Georgia State Parks and Historic Sites, joins our host Todd Schnick and co-host Carol Morgan for the Around Atlanta edition of Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio.

    Kim is a native Atlantan who has worked with Georgia State parks for more than 20 years. While growing up, Kim recalls spending most of her time camping and even summer vacations outdoors. So of course, now she feels honored to teach people about what she truly loves the most; the outdoors.

    Kim says that this year is the 85th anniversary of the Georgia State Parks and to celebrate they are looking deep within the parks to find the hidden gems and history of the area. All of the Georgia State Parks have hidden gems in them and with that, the Georgia State Parks encourage people to come out and take a look. Kim encourages Georgians to come out and learn a little more about the amazing history within the parks and the state.

    There is currently a series of events going on throughout the parks this year, so get out and explore Georgia one park at a time. With only $5 to park your car at any Georgia State Park, you and the family can have an amazing time.

    For more information about Georgia State Parks and the hidden gems that they hold, visit or click play in the podcast above.


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