active adult community in CantonInstead of making your 2013 resolutions unrealistic, difficult or just plain annoying, why not set some goals that offer enjoyable ways to improve your health and well-being? At Soleil Laure Canyon, we are all about healthy, active living, so we want to share AARP’s 10 New Year’s resolutions that are both beneficial and fun.

  1. Party time! People with an active social life are less likely to have memory and reason troubles.
  2. Adopt an animal. People with pets have healthier hearts and an extra support system.
  3. Eat chocolate. Dark chocolate is made up of flavonoids, which aid in your cell’s resistance to damage that may contribute to cancer.
  4. Drink coffee. Coffee appears to lower your risk of death from chronic illnesses and may protect again skin cancer and liver damage.
  5. Cheers! Wine and beer in moderation protect against diabetes and cancer.
  6. Have sex. The act causes the brain to release endorphins that can reduce anxiety and act as painkillers.
  7. Jam. Music brings about good sleep, boosts your mood and reduces anxiety.
  8. Nap time. Naps may improve your mood, memory and ability to learn.
  9. Take in the great outdoors. Spending time outside can improve your immune system and help you recover from surgery faster.
  10. Stop using certain soaps. Antibacterial soaps that contain triclosan may contribute to the production of disease-causing bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics.

So let’s make 2013 your best year ever by living an enjoyable, healthy life! If you are ready to improve your well-being and get active at the “Best Neighborhood in the U.S.” according to Where to Retire magazine, call 678-880-3071 and visit our website at

Check out the entire AARP article by clicking here.

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