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Founder and CEO of HDMK Kiel Harton and Co-Owner of HDMK Atlanta Franchise Toussaint Hill join the Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio podcast to discuss the company’s use of technology for home inspections, the importance of same-day reports and the training HDMK provides. Harton and Hill chat with host Carol Morgan on the All About Real Estate segment.

It all began in February of 2022 when Hill and his brother Thaddaeus opened the doors to the HDMK Atlanta franchise. Real estate industry members for multiple years, Hill and his brother decided to fulfill a lifelong dream and start a business together. Wanting to find a company that remained a key player in the real estate industry while also offering diversity, Hill and his brother felt that HDMK was the perfect fit.

Hill said, “We’ve been making a lot of connections, meeting agents and trying to serve our clients the best we can.”

A member of the home inspection industry for over 10 years, Harton founded HDMK in 2015 with hopes of making a positive change within the industry.  He built a company that expanded upon innovation within an industry that remained stagnant for years while also forging an environment that team members are proud to be a part of. HDMK holds steadfast to standards of evolving technology, same-day reports and transparent branding, which are three reasons the Hill brothers were attracted to the franchise.

Harton said, “I didn’t like what I saw in the industry and thought I could build something big, change the industry and become a benchmark.”

In a digital world, home inspection businesses underutilizing technology are losing momentum. HDMK transformed the home industry by building customized in-house software technology that digitizes and streamlines the booking and reporting process to minimize human error within paperwork and onboarding. While technology is a pillar for HDMK, human interaction is still in play through requirements such as calling clients before and after inspections.

Harton said, “Even in a digital world, everybody still seeks human interaction.”

The perfect client for HDMK is anyone who owns or is buying a home, including a first-time buyer purchasing a house on the market through a Realtor, investors acquiring a home to renovate and resell, or landlords with rental properties.

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A special thank you to HDMK for sponsoring Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio. At HDMK their motto is “if we can, we will”. Meaning they will go above and beyond to meet the needs of clients and referral partners. They achieve this through a focus on training, implementing innovative technology and setting a high level of professionalism for all inspectors. If you are looking for a home inspector, call HDMK at 888-401-4365.

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  1. Great company, and franchise. I used HDMK in Atlanta (Thad) and was very impressed by the efficiency and service.

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