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No matter the size or sector of a business, having a consulting, inspection and training company in place to ensure a safe work environment is a prime concern. On today’s episode of All About Real Estate, Business Development Manager of HB Next and HB Next Energy Solutions Tony Cann discusses how businesses can keep their employees safe and avoid unnecessary astronomical expenses.

Cann has a background in sales and marketing and has been in HB Next for five years. During his time at a large sales organization, he learned the in’s and out’s about managing a sales office. He also learned how to train and develop new talent into successful sales representatives. He then took a position at a large publishing company where he consulted with companies on branding, image and advertising. Once he found his career at HB Next and spent years learning the company and industry, he was given the opportunity to build the sales and marketing divisions from the ground up.

HB Next offers a variety of services for companies of every size and has the ultimate goal of having field experts train those coming into the construction industry and to also support the needs of construction firms with knowledge on safety regulations, OSHA requirements and regulatory legal services. Unlike an in-house human resources director, who would likely juggle health and safety with other positional concerns, a third-party professional like HB Next focuses solely on making sure the company meets all rules and regulations as set forth by the regulatory agencies. They can assess current safety programs, recommend changes in policy and procedure, and act as an advisor before audits and inspections. As a third-party, they are the fresh pair of eyes that most companies need to succeed.

Hearing words like “compliance” can make businesses wary, but hiring consultants from HB Next can save companies money, increase productivity of current employees and give peace of mind that the business is adhering to all regulations. There are several services offered at HB Next such as safety and environmental services, training and software services, as well as legal services and energy solutions.

The Safety Unit provides mock OSHA inspections, on-site safety services, safety program development, implementation, updates, and safety support services. The Environmental Unit supports the largest national homebuilder in the US and provides daily and/or weekly NPDES inspections and SWPPP writing. The Training Unit currently has four workforce development programs, Westside Works, CobbWorks, The Center for Working Families and Aerotropolis that train workers and give credentials they need to get into the construction industry. The Software Unit provides internal software development to support HB NEXT services and continues to support companies across the nation with cloud-based solutions. The Legal Unit helps clients through several cases that help eliminate OSHA fines.

HB Next and HB Next Energy Solutions offer tons of services! To hear more about them, tune into today’s podcast with the link above. To get a more in-depth look at each service offered, visit www.hbnext.com.


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