Russell Ausseresses with Utility Connect

Russell Ausseresses, Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder with Utility Connect joins the Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio podcast to share the benefit of the company’s services and how brokers, mortgage companies and others in the industry can become involved. Ausseresses joins host Carol Morgan in the All About Real Estate segment.

After much work in technology and graphic design, Ausseresses started Utility Connect in 2012 – diving headfirst into a much-needed service. The service-based company has grown exponentially in the past 10 years, expanding into three other countries.

Ausseresses said, “It’s been a journey, but we think we’ve nailed the process and have seen nothing but great responses and growth!”

The goal behind the service-based company is to relieve the stress of moving into a new space by bringing the consumer together with available service providers, simplifying the procedure. Turing a four-to-six-hour process into a 15 to 20-minute discussion, the company presents every available option to the customer, including home insurance, city utilities, home security and more! As a business-to-business-to-consumer company, Utility Connect works directly with service providers and consumers to make the process smooth.

Ausseresses said, “The best part is it’s completely free!”

Specializing in patterning and private labeling, the service-based company works with real estate and mortgage companies as well as builders and property managers. When setting up a partnership with Utility Connect, service providers obtain an agent/company-branded micro-site. The micro-site offers the provider a way to submit clients to the company, which performs a deeper integration through API and automated report systems. The process is very versatile and allows the service company to work with any company for any kind of scenario.

Ausseressess said, “It’s a very easy and quick process to set up.”

When customers hear that the process is entirely free they often believe it’s too good to be true. Cable and internet companies, deregulated energy providers, home security businesses, insurance agencies and others pay Utility Connect to assist consumers at no fee to the consumer.

Ausseresses said, “Where there is a choice [in energy providers], we make money.”

Want to work with Utility Connect? Call its office at 877-587-9566 or visit the company website at to schedule a demo! After scheduling a demo, an account manager will reach out to walk through the process and help set up the organization. Make sure to mention the Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio podcast to get an extra percentage, depending on the business pricing.

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