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    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can sound to the most like a nebulous but necessary chore that nobody really understands. Today, Marketing RELEVANCE managing partners Mitch Levinson and Carol Morgan join Todd Schnick on the mRELEVANCE Marketing Minute of Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio to explain what SEO is and how businesses can harness its power.

    Levinson says SEO is a “very simple concept. How do you get people who don’t know who you are but are looking for your product to find you,” when they search online? Leveraging a website against search algorithms to return a company at the top of a search list is SEO.

    Many managers who are not familiar in SEO often think that optimizing a site is a one-time project, but the reality is that Google and other search engines make changes to their algorithms multiple times a day. With the advent of voice recognition and artificial intelligence, SEO has morphed from simple key word ranking to a complicated calculus that most do not have time to learn. This means a dedicated SEO specialist can make a big difference for small companies.

    Morgan puts the importance of SEO in perspective. She says that when companies are building their marketing budget, “SEO needs to be a core piece of that budget, it’s a foundation” to support any and all marketing budgets.

    Understanding SEO is the first part of the equation. Implementing those strategies is where the science and art combine. Levinson says that there are on-page and off-page components to SEO. On-page techniques include the use of meta-tags and keywords. Off-page techniques include using social and other platforms to push “quality content” to people who are searching so that the company’s site is identified as credible and expert by the search engines. In other words, search engines recognize sites that show up in other places around the internet as trustworthy authorities.

    It sounds complicated, and it is, but the key factor in understanding if a company’s SEO work is yielding results is by reviewing the monthly tracking report. Additionally, firms can hire specialists to help them wade through this massive amount of data. mRELEVANCE has a team of specialists ready to help. To learn more about search engine optimization, visit  


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