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Stunning exteriors and seamless floorplans aren’t enough. To have the best home with the most exciting life possible, location is one of the most important factors. Greater Atlanta award-winning new and custom home builder, Harcrest Homes, understands this better than anyone. This is one of the many reasons why homeowners choose to build a luxury custom home on Lake Lanier with Harcrest Homes. Get ready for the ultimate lakeside living experience!

To take full advantage of the gorgeous natural landscaping in Georgia, you have to live on the lake! Everything is better with a lakeside view. Whether it’s gathering around the dining room table to enjoy a nice family meal, taking a walk to the shore with furry friends or savoring a few moments alone with a steaming cup of coffee on the back porch, a stunning waterside view will certainly enhance the experience.

Living in a lakeside home is a unique experience you have to see for yourself! Homeowners enjoy easy-going, serene lifestyles surrounded by the calming beauty of the lake. Although lakeside homeowners enjoy plenty of time spent relaxing, the lake also means there are always endless opportunities to get in touch with nature and enjoy activities on the water.

With such easy access to the lake, homeowners often find themselves out on the water more than they are at home! Being so close to the lake means always having the opportunity to go on the water whenever you’d like. Harcrest homeowners with lakefront homesites enjoy their very own dock that delivers an ideal spot for boat parking, diving, fishing and just enjoying wonderful views!

Lakeside living is great all year round, but summertime is the main event! A fun-filled day on the lake means water skiing, catching a few fish and soaking up some rays. Let the kids perfect their swimming strokes or compete in water sports while the adults enjoy endless relaxation on the lake. Get out the pontoon boat and invite friends over. The only thing that could make the day better is a glass of ice-cold sweet tea!

For land lovers, the Lake Lanier shoreline has an abundance of exciting activities just waiting to be explored! Soak up the fresh air by spending the day at one of the many local parks. Some local hotspots even feature fun splash parks to let the kids cool off! Those looking for a challenge can hit nearby golf courses for a round on the green among stunning lake views.

In addition to fun-filled lake activities, living on the water means life’s harder tasks are brighter as well. For anyone dreading that early morning run before work or an afternoon hike to get the steps in, try jogging along the shoreline or walking through the scenic trails surrounding Lake Lanier. The exercise might be a tiring activity, but a beautiful backdrop makes the whole experience better. Difficult exercises may even become more enjoyable with the unbeatable lake backdrop!

Now that you’ve decided lakeside living is the only way to live, its time to start planning your custom home on Lake Lanier. The experts at Harcrest Homes have several years of experience designing and building stunning homes on the lake. The first step is deciding whether you want to choose from their extensive portfolio of beautifully-designed floorplans or let their team come up with something totally exclusive and one-of-a-kind for your family. Either way, lakeside living is in your future!

To get started with the custom home on Lake Lanier building process, visit or call 678-828-7151 today.

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