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Atlanta award-winning custom home builder Harcrest Homes builds incredible homes on Lake Lanier. These Flowery Branch homes often include convenient custom mudrooms and drop zones perfect for on-the-go homeowners and their families.

Mudrooms are the perfect place for families reduce clutter and keep the house looking tidy and neat! Whether it’s backpacks, rain coats, the dog’s leash, sports gear, purses, shoes, hats – you name it, this area is the perfect place to drop off items that are prone to cluttering the kitchen island!

Building a custom home with Harcrest Homes is all about attention to detail. By focusing on features such as mudrooms and drop zones, homes fit the lifestyles of today’s busy homeowners. Take a look at the various elements that make these custom mudrooms so fantastic!

Durable Flooring Options

custom mudroom

A well-used mudroom is bound to see plenty of messy days, so it’s important to have a durable floor. Look for a nonporous surface for your mudroom flooring. One that is easy to clean.

Popular choices include tile, quality vinyl, and brick. These floor types are the best options for combating rainy days or dirt tracked in by children, pets and outdoor-loving family members! If you desire a different flooring that is more porous, such as hardwood, Harcrest will apply the proper sealant to make this option last.

Built-In Cabinets and Cubbies

custom mudroom

Whatever your preference for cabinets and cubbies, open or concealed, Harcrest offers a wonderful combination to accommodate your family. Often, Harcrest homeowners enjoy mudrooms with hybrid storage options that offer open storage lines on one side while concealed cabinets hide messy coats and bags on the opposite side.

Stash all shoes in easily accessible open cubbies in low areas or place them in baskets. Drop your worries after a long day by resting on the conveniently built-in bench that offers a place to sit down to put on your shoes for the start of another day or to pull them off and change into slippers.

To place coats, purses and backpacks, take advantage of the mudroom’s open area with abundant hooks to hang items and grab them easily as you’re heading out. Store seasonal items out of sight until the time is right by using the higher cabinets with doors.

Drop Zones That Catch Clutter

custom home mudroom

Rather than spreading clutter such as mail, school papers, permission slips, bills, and every other piece of paper that comes through the door, consider creating the ultimate organization space with cubes to sort the mail and papers by family member.

The mudroom counter space is a great place to drop the keys. It is also the perfect place for a charging station for juicing up smartphones and other devices. By including cabinet space for recycling bins and trash cans, the mudroom also offers a great place to avoid spreading mess to the home’s main living areas and dispose of everyday trash from junk mail to drink cups, fast food bags and packaging.

Cleaning Areas To Contain Dirt

custom home mudroom with laundry machines

There’s no better spot to catch mud, keep items clean, and prevent the spread of germs than the mudroom! Many Harcrest homeowners set up convenient cleaning stations in this area for many of these purposes.

Keep the house dirt-free by cleaning up in the mudroom! This space often includes utility sinks where homeowners can easily clean up messes, rinse off dirty shoes after a busy day and wash hands when coming home to ensure the main living areas are always spotless!

Harcrest’s custom mudrooms also typically serve as a place for taking care of laundry. For many homeowners, the mudroom acts as the primary laundry room or houses a second, smaller washer and dryer set. There’s plenty of features available to get the job done including a built-in hamper where homeowners store dirty laundry, as well as a counter with a folding shelf to keep clothes organized and neat!

Last but not least, the mudroom offers a convenient space to bathe pets. Keep the dirt, smell and water droplets from baths easily contained within the mudroom. This space is perfect for making sure furry friends stay squeaky clean and so does the rest of the house!

Custom Homes Perfect for Family

home main living areas

Whether you want to build a new custom home or customize a home plan, Harcrest Homes is ready to offer the home of your dreams! Find a new home at Sterling on the Lake in Flowery Branch or build on your own lot in the perfect location for your family.

To view more of the homes and custom spaces from Harcrest Homes, browse their photo gallery. Learn more about Harcrest Homes by visiting or calling 678-828-7151.

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