The Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio show is joined by Guaranty Mortgage Loan Originator Joy James on this week’s edition of All About Real Estate to discuss the full-service lender with co-hosts Carol Morgan and Todd Schnick.

According to James, Guaranty Mortgage specializes within the Realtor community and builders, but is equipped to work with anyone looking to purchase and finance a home. Guaranty Mortgage offers a full range of loan types from government products to jumbo and conventional loans. Guaranty Mortgage offers all government loan products, including VA and USDA loans, as well as special interest rates and low down payment options for first-time homebuyers in addition to serving homebuyers looking to upgrade or downsize.

“Because we work with the Realtors and builders, and because we have more of an individualized experience with them and the customers, we do things that the big banks can’t compete with,” said James. “It’s building the relationship – we have a lot of repeat customers.”

So why would you use a specialized mortgage lender versus applying with your bank? James explains that a specialized lender like Guaranty Mortgage does everything in-house, which makes the overall process for the buyer much easier.

For both first time and repeat homebuyers, one of the most important things to keep in mind is your credit score. If planning to buy within the next six months, check your credit to dispute or amend any abnormalities. An average or good credit score required to buy ranges from a 620 to a 640. Lenders that accept lower credit scores will require a higher down payment and higher interest rate for the term of the loan. The higher the credit score, the lower the interest rate.

Guaranty Mortgage is available for consulting and advising on how to repair or achieve a positive credit score as well as getting an idea of what price range in homes you would qualify for with that score.

Additionally, first time homebuyers should not forget that a down payment is typically required and will not compare to that of a car – this is a massive investment. Upgrading or downsizing homebuyers should simply be prepared for an excessive amount of paperwork. The process involves an extreme amount of documentation and signing on the dotted line.

To learn more about Guaranty Mortgage and what to expect in 2017, listen to the above interview or visit To contact Joy James directly, call 770-861-4235.


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