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    Founded in South Florida in 2009, Granite Garage Floors quickly followed with a second location in Atlanta in the following year. Granite Garage Floors General Manager Nick Carberry joins co-hosts Carol Morgan and Todd Schnick on a bonus All About Real Estate segment of Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio to discuss the company’s purpose and incentives.

    Over the past 10 years, the team at Granite Garage Floors has expanded all over the country. This company offers professionally installed, industrial-quality garage, basement and patio flooring options to residential customers. After 12 to 13 years of working in corporate America, Nick met Granite Garage Floors Owner Alana Mishkoff during a sabbatical and took over the Atlanta operations after further meetings and negotiations.

    Builders in and around the Atlanta area create beautiful homes with fabulous interiors and exterior finishes, but the garage often gets forgotten. The largest piece of the garage goes untouched until Granite Garage Floors steps in. Upgrading the garage floor is an easy add-on that adds tremendous value to a home. The garage is also the new front door due to residents parking in this covered space to enter the home, instead of walking around to the front exterior door.

    Overtime, garages get mucky and cluttered. With a cleanup and upgraded flooring, what was once a stressful eyesore can become a beautiful showpiece. The experts at Granite Garage Floors use the best materials and products to ensure the floors last a lifetime.

    About two-thirds of the installation team’s time is spent on prepping the floor, an imperative part of the flooring process that many other competitors often glance over. After an arduous prepping process, the team works to apply the primer and base coat before distributing decorative flakes by hand. This step requires extreme attention to detail as the group makes sure the floor looks as close to glass as possible. Once the floor looks perfect, the team applies a final protective coat and cleans up!

    In a few short days, a garage can go from being just a place to store old tools to a stress-free and beautiful addition to any new home. To learn more about Granite Garage Floors, listen to the full interview above or visit  

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