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    In today’s socially connected, mobile-friendly marketing environment, posting fresh content is easier than ever. On today’s Marketing Minute segment of Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio, co-hosts Carol Morgan and Todd Schnick show how easy it is to get new content posted, even on the fly.

    The bad news is that Morgan and Schnick don’t have any good excuses. The good news is that with today’s technology, firms can get content online in the blink of an eye. From two different hotel rooms in cities hundreds of miles apart, they recorded a podcast to demonstrate how easy posting is. Skype is the tool they used today, but other exist as well.

    Laptops, tablets and smartphones give us instant access to apps and sites where we can post up-to-the-minute quality content. Apps for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram allow us to share photos, images, short videos and even podcasts from anywhere, and that invaluable for businesses trying to keep the attention of a busy audience.

    Morgan says that as she researched some firms, she discovered that one had not posted to a blog in over seven years. In addition, that firm’s Facebook page was populated with information that did not direct their audience to their website. All of those spaces are just treading water, rather than actively working to turn prospective business into buyers.

    The point Morgan and Schnick make is that quality content is necessary and can come from anywhere, with a few minutes and the push of a couple buttons.

    Listen to today’s segment to hear more. To learn about tools and apps for posting, as well as the frequency with which companies should post, contact Carol Morgan at 770.383.3360 or by email.


    The Marketing Minute, sponsored by Denim Marketing and Marketing RELEVANCE, highlights the latest marketing strategies and tactics, from branding and social media to the latest technology and tools, all to help sharpen your business’ approach to marketing and public relations and to successfully drive your message. Atlanta Real Estate Forum is a joint venture between Denim Marketing and Marketing RELEVANCE. If you have a topic you would like covered on Marketing Minutes, or want to learn more about using a topic as a marketing advantage for business, contact us via our website form.


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