Even though the recent beautiful weather would lead you to believe Winter is behind us, we are technically still in the Winter season for a very short amount of time. Spring is less than two weeks away! It’s an exciting time as flowers will be in bloom and we get to experience the brief period of time when the outside temperature is absolutely perfect (as opposed to the unbearable heat that the summer months brings). So, it’s pretty safe to say that many people will be spending upcoming weekends gardening and cleaning while taking part in the traditional “Spring Cleaning” of their home. Well, this year we would like for you to be armed with the knowledge to make your heavy duty cleaning more eco-friendly. These tips will improve the air quality in your own home as well as the environment, and most of these are really easy and simple.

  1. Give your home some fresh air by opening the windows. As I mentioned eariler, there is only a brief period of time in Atlanta when the weather is just perfect – so take advantage of it! You’ll be eliminating the dirty air circulating in your house and letting fresh, clean air in.
  2. Utilize nature’s cleaning miracle, vinegar, as your primary cleaning product. The acidic product can be used to clean just about anything you have, and it works very well. Use it on countertops, floors, carpet, windows, sinks, etc. You can even mix it with baking soda to create a cleaning-paste. You’ll be amazed how well it cleans and very happy to be using a non-toxic substitute as it will not be putting harmful toxins in the air in your house.
  3. If you do choose to purchase cleaning products, be sure to go with those that are vegetable-based. Most all manufacturers have vegetable-based cleaners on the market today, meaning it’s very easy to make the switch. The vegetable-based cleaners will reduce home air pollution as opposed to the cleaners full of heavy chemicals and other toxins.
  4. Avoid using bleach and other cleaners that contain chlorine. There are so many problems with chlorine – it burns the skin and the eyes; it can be fatal if swallowed; it becomes toxic to the natural world when sent down the drain. There are many alternatives to using bleach, including vinegar, so why not avoid the toxic bleach for something that works just as well but isn’t harmful.
  5. Reduce the amount of waste you consume by using rags and sponges to do your cleaning, not paper towels. Think of how many paper towels you use when cleaning the bathroom or kitchen? Now imagine everyone doing that? That’s a whole lot of waste when a reusable rage could easily be substituted and be just as effective.

I hope that you’ll take some these suggestions into consideration when you start your cleaning. Spring is a wonderful season in the south, and we want you to enjoy it to its fullest. So make that house of yours spotless without polluting the air in your home.

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