Spring cleaning

As temperatures rise and flowers begin to bloom, now is the perfect time to start spring cleaning your Atlanta home! Implement these helpful tips to make 2022 spring cleaning a breath of fresh air. Getting these done will free up time so you can enjoy this year’s spring and summer events without returning to a messy home with more work to do!

Make a Checklist

While it may seem redundant, following a set checklist will avoid skipped steps and repeated tasks. Determine what needs the most attention and add tasks based on necessity. No one wants to spend an entire afternoon cleaning out a brand-new refrigerator if the 10-year-old stove needs attention! It is essential to be realistic and ask for help where needed.

Once there is an established list, allot time to each task. Avoid going over the given time to prevent spending an entire day on a project that should only take an hour. Snap on the rubber gloves, turn on the tunes and get started! Click here for inspiration to construct the perfect spring-cleaning list.

Work Top to Bottom

When cleaning ceiling fans and beams, it’s natural for dust and particles to fall to the floor. If mopping and vacuuming are still on the list, make sure to dust before you vacuum. This assures that you don’t add more items to the list! To avoid repeat tasks and unending frustration, work top to bottom to ensure every bit of dust is tackled as you work through your spring-cleaning list.

Don’t Neglect the Walls and Windows

While they may seem like the least important item on the list, walls and windows are dust magnets. If neglected, it’s common to see a hefty build-up of dust, grease and more on windows and walls that are nearly impossible to clean after the fact.

Prioritize Your Health

One of the most crucial additions to a spring-cleaning list is to replace furniture and HVAC filters. Changing filters annually is vital and ensures an entire year of healthy breathing. Choose replacement filters with a high MERV rating to guarantee they are safe choices for you and your family.

Go Green

It’s easy to reach for name-brand cleaners but many of them contain chemicals that are disastrous to your health. Grove Collaborative, Common Good, Seventh Generation, Mrs. Meyers and ECOS are fantastic eco-friendly choices to make a home sparkle this season. Some name brands such as Tide, Clorox, Woolite and Lysol have begun to carry eco-friendly products that are tried and tested by green experts!

Don’t Be Afraid to Purge

While it may seem like a daunting undertaking, purging is the most effective way to get rid of unwanted, untouched items to make room for a fresher, roomier year. Pile together barely used items and determine the last time each item was utilized. If it has been more than a year, donate or trash it. Please note that many donation centers will not accept items that are more than gently used.

Take it Outside

Spring cleaning is the perfect opportunity to tidy up beyond the front door. Make sure to prune dead and damaged branches, clean up plant beds, and spruce up hard surfaces such as patios, paths and tables! Plant new flowers, trees and shrubs to brighten the green spaces surrounding the home and breathe new life into your yard.

Looking for more tips to make your Atlanta home sparkle inside and out this spring? Follow along on Atlanta Real Estate Forum for advice and insight on industry trends, events and brand-new metro area communities.

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