As the excitement around the new Avalon community continues to grow, development is beginning to take shape and more and more buyers are becoming interested in the new residences that will be built by Monte Hewett Homes. As one of metro Atlanta’s premier new home builders, Monte J. Hewett has an impressive resume that includes building homes around the country before he settled on Atlanta as the home for both his family and his business. As with all successful companies, an entire team of professionals exists behind the Monte Hewett brand, but today Monte Hewett Homes wants to you to get to know Monte Hewett himself.

Q: How did you become a home builder and what led to you building in Atlanta?

A: At the age of 15 while working in a mall, I decided that I wanted to work outside, so I joined a framing crew. After high school, I went to Colorado State University, where I majored in Industrial Construction Management. Then, I went on to work for a production home builder in Dallas, Texas after graduation, where I supervised the construction of more than 400 homes by the time I was 25.

In 1988, I was given the opportunity to start a division of the Dallas-based company that I worked for in Atlanta. Over the next 10 years, I began to recognize that the city traffic would push home buyers into better locations, so I transitioned the company into an infill builder, meaning we built in specific, smaller submarket areas of the city where people really wanted to live. And, in 1999, I purchased the company from the Dallas entity and started Monte Hewett Homes.

How has Monte Hewett Homes changed since then?

By the 1990s, I was no longer interested in building commodity housing. I wanted to have an impact in the Atlanta home building industry, and along with building in better locations, I began building with higher levels of architecture and finishes. Now, the company is looking ahead to the next generation of home design, and our team focuses specifically on locations that are walkable to dining, shopping, transportation, schools, green spaces and places that allow for outdoor living areas for each and every home.

What drew you to the opportunity to build in Avalon?

From the first moment I heard about the development, I knew that our team would be the most qualified in Atlanta to deliver the quality of residences that would epitomize the Avalon lifestyle. After seeing North American Properties’ vision and its ability to execute that vision, I knew that this would be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and I wanted to be the exclusive for-sale residential partner in the community.

In your opinion, what is the single most exciting aspect about Avalon? Also, what are some of the exciting features found at Avalon that people may not know about yet?

The Avalon community is what I would consider a well-curated collection of dining, entertainment, shopping, office and fitness options – and you can walk to it all. This is sophisticated simplicity at its best. In addition, the community will be home to a level of concierge service that will make residents feel like they are staying at an exclusive resort, and it will also be the first “fiberhood” in the state, meaning that internet will be available at speeds 100 times faster than are currently available anywhere else.

What are the top three reasons for home buyers to consider purchasing at Avalon?

There is really only one reason – to live the Avalon experience in a Monte Hewett home.


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