Atlanta residents will be excited to learn that Georgia Power is introducing an interactive Outage Map for customers. With the summer storm season in full swing, Atlanta homeowners are far too familiar with spending evenings in the dark, hoping their power will return before the heat starts to rise in their house and the food begins to spoil in the fridge. But, with Georgia Power’s new service, customers will at least be able to have an idea of how long the wait will be.

Customers will be able to view an online map using their smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop with Internet access to track power outage information, including when their power is expected to return. The map, which will be updated every 10 minutes, will show the latest outage information caused by severe weather, traffic accidents or other activity.

The site will display why the power went out, how many people are affected and will provide an estimate of when residents can expect power to be restored to their area. The map can be personalized to focus on a home or to frequently visited areas.

Georgia Power customers can view the map here. For more information on how the map works, visit Georgia Power’s information page.

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