Earth DayEarth Day 2014 is right around the corner on April 22 and there’s no better home improvement group to celebrate with! At Construction Resources, we do everything we can to help promote recycling and environmental awareness with our product selections and practices.

For products, we are proud to have exclusive agreements to market some of the most planet-friendly materials on market. Just a small selection of our green products include:

  • Cambria – as a Cambria Lexus partner, we support this American-made product at the highest level. In addition to leaving a smaller carbon footprint getting to our 20,000 square foot facility in Georgia, Cambria recycles 100 percent of the water used in slab creation through a series of advanced filters. In addition, all of their scrap material is collected and used as road base material for local construction.
  • Vetrazzo – a green product to begin with, Vetrazzo is a counter surface that takes post-consumer and building glass to form its design and a majority of its construction. In addition, the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility where Vetrazzo is made conforms to strict green building and environmental standards.
  • Piedrafina – is another primarily-recycled product that we are proud to put at the forefront of our offerings. Piedrafina is created with 95 percent recycled marble stuck together with a polyester resin that offers a more durable surface than traditional marble. Piedrafina is a thinner material, so it is recommended for use only in bathroom vanities, tub surrounds and other decorative uses.

In addition, our fabrication facility uses industry-leading tools, including the most sophisticated water jets and with some of the most detailed planning software available. This makes sure that only the smallest amount of material is wasted in the fabrication process. In addition, we recycle 95 percent of the water that is used in our saw jet operations so that water doesn’t go to waste. ┬áLastly, we sell remnants from all of our projects at greatly reduced prices so that those that can use the leftovers from other projects can do so at a low cost. Stop by our Decatur Design Studio to see all the ways you can bring home environmentally-friendly upgrades today!

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