Organized Garage Space

Want to fit one or even two cars in your garage, but have no idea where to begin? If your garage is like that of any typical homeowner, chances are it is cluttered and difficult to navigate. Here are some garage organization tips to transform your space from a messy disaster to a coordinated, storage paradise.

Create a Plan

The first thing to tackle is finding a day to dedicate to completing the long-awaited task. Once a day is set, pull out all items from the garage and divide them into different piles based on need. This technique presents the perfect opportunity to determine if items can be donated, gifted or trashed. Only keep things based on practical use that can be beneficial in the future. Come prepared with trash bags and cleaning supplies to make the clean-up process seamless! 

Take this opportunity to measure the garage space for any extra storage shelves or even cabinets. A pro tip is to figure out extra space between cars and other big tools!

Clean as You Go

Garage organization is a big undertaking and having the right resources will make the process smoother. For bigger items that are difficult to move without assistance, contact your local municipality about renting a small dumpster for oversized items. 

Once the space is clear, time to start the cleaning! Sweep or vacuum the whole garage and make sure to clear the space dust or spills that occurred during clean-up. It is also a great time to ensure light bulbs and other mechanics work properly.

Storage Options

Vertical storage, a popular organization trend, includes hanging items strategically on walls or installing overhead storage. This keeps the floor space clear and allows more room throughout the garage. Vertical organization is ideal for small storage needs or to keep seasonal decorations out of the way. 

If that form of storage isn’t ideal, built-in cabinets or storage shelves might work better. Incorporating a workspace, cabinets and countertops are great options. 

Hire Help

Yes, you read that correctly! Sometimes finding the time to complete a necessary task is difficult. Services specializing in organizing garage spaces are just a click away with websites such as Angi! After inserting the project information, options to fit your specific needs are ready instantly!

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