Augusta home organizationIf your garage is like that of any typical Augusta homeowner, chances are it is so cluttered with items that you can’t easily find what you are looking for. This week, in the spirit of spring cleaning, Keystone Homes is offering our tips for creating a well-organized storage zone.

  • One of the most popular organization plans is to use a zone system. Consider using rolling or hanging organizers in addition to crates and bins to sort items by use or type. That way, you’ll know straight where to go when you’re looking for a specific yard tool or seasonal decoration.
  • If you’re family is active, there are bound to be piles and piles of sports gear in your garage. To tidy up, consider storing baseball bats in a wooden holder, lacrosse sticks in a caddy and hanging off season items from ceiling hooks. Bikes are another item that take up a lot of space, and you can find special wall bike racks at many sports retailers. To make sure each family member knows which helmet is theirs, hang them from chalkboard hooks labeled for each person.
  • Is your zone the spot where you go to perfect your craft? Many garages are the designated space for any woodworking or home improvement projects. To keep this type of space clutter free, hang tools from a pegboard and install shelves for storing larger items.

At Keystone Homes, our experts can help turn your Augusta new home into a beautifully designed, organized space that will make sure you are able to spend more time with friends and family, and less time searching for that missing tool!

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