New construction foreclosure cat helpLast year, we shared about our efforts with one of the charities that we are proud to support – the Friends of Feral and Stray Cats (FFSC). FFSC works to help manage the feline communities around the new construction foreclosure communities that GaHomeForeclosures help repair, complete and market for homebuyers. FFSC focuses on the Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) method to reduce the numbers of unwanted cats, and manages an  adoption program for younger and good-natured felines.

So far in 2013, FFSC has trapped, neutered and returned 30 cats this year, and plans to stay busy with the number of feral cat colonies needing their care and services. These include colonies in West Cobb, Roswell, and two other sites that total more than 100 feral cats.

In addition, FFSC is working with Half the Way Home, an organization that pulls cats from animal control (that would otherwise be euthanized) and finds them forever homes. FFSC has rescued six cats/kittens so far and is happy to provide the opportunity for our feline friends to get into loving homes.

We are happy to help FFSC with their passion to find homes and better lives for their partners, just as we are committed to the same for homebuyers seeking quality homes at competitive prices. Our offerings for sale and for rent represent a wide variety of living options all over Georgia, and with additional options outside of the state. Our sister site, Lot and Land Foreclosures, offers the space to make your dream a reality. We are also working on a wider variety of commercial options so you can get your business started or expanded into a new space!

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